Diane Tam points out a great, simple mercurial tutorial. Jory noted that the instructions here neglected to update the local repository after pulling changes. Thanks to their hard work, we’re up and running.

Thanks, guys!

/broken instructions removed so as not to be a trap



2 Responses to “Mercurial”

  1. jorygraham Says:

    Just add this to avoid typing in the password each time.

    default = https://email:*******

  2. jorygraham Says:

    The largest change, as outlined in the Tutorials, is that you have to do an update after the pull:

    hg update

    “The last line of output is important. By default, Mercurial does not update the working directory after a pull. This means that although the repository now contains the changeset, the file hello.c in the working directory still has its old pre-pull contents.

    We can update this file (and any others that were changed during the pull) by following Mercurial’s reminder (we use the abbreviation up): ”

    It seems like this is what has been tripping us up. I tried to merge all the differing heads together, so everyone should be on the same page in the morning.

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